Historical and Natural Attractions of Vyborg

How can you visit a corner of medieval Europe without leaving the borders of the Leningrad Region? Of course, by going to Vyborg! Here, you can see beautiful natural attractions, climb the tower of the ancient castle, or simply wander through the cozy streets of the Old Town
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A Walk along the Eco-Trail in "Monrepos Park"

Friends, today I present to you the final article about my short trip to the ancient town of Vyborg. Let’s go for a walk in the wonderful "Monrepos Park," located…
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Vyborg Castle and St. Olaf's Tower

Continuing our stroll through the beautiful ancient town of Vyborg. Last time, we took a brief tour of the Old Town together. Today, let's focus on the city's most…
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Vyborg. Walking tour of the Old Town

Friends, today we are heading 120 kilometers away from St. Petersburg to stroll through the beautiful ancient Vyborg. I spent only a little time here, so the walk…
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Monrepos Park in Vyborg

Due to the celebration of Russia Day, we had many days off. We decided to spend them wisely and went to the city of Vyborg to stroll in the famous Monrepos Park.…

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