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Balat: the brightest district of Istanbul

Many areas of vast Istanbul are open-air attractions in their own right. Some of them are famous for their food, others for an abundance of shops, and others attract tourists with their unusual architecture. Just one of the latter can be attributed to Istanbul's Balat district, one of the most popular places to create unusual vacation photos.

Miniaturk Park in Istanbul

When I travel to different cities and countries, I always try to visit theme parks or exhibitions with miniature models of local attractions. This allows you to at least briefly get acquainted with the local architecture and history without large time and financial costs.

Sirkeci station in Istanbul

Hi! Today we will visit the fabulous Istanbul to look at the Sirkeci station building. I`m sure that the name of this attraction will not say anything for many readers of this article. I haven't been here myself before.

Basilica Cistern: the most unusual sight of Istanbul

On the territory of the amazing Istanbul, the most populated city in Turkey, there are many ancient sights. Among all the places I have seen during my trips to Istanbul, I can single out without hesitation one unique museum space that everyone should see.

Hagia Sophia: one of the most famous buildings in the world

Four years ago, I went on a trip to beautiful Istanbul. One of the first sights I visited that time was stunning Hagia Sophia, also called Church of the Holy Wisdom or Church of the Divine Wisdom. In the recent years status of the famous building has changed: if earlier it worked as museum, now the complex is reopened as a mosque.

Eight things to do in Istanbul

Istanbul is a wonderful Turkish city. Even if you come here not for the first time, you can always find something interesting here. After my summer trip to Turkey I decided to collect in one article a few tips on what unique sights of this ancient city are a must-see.