Izmir: Attractions and City Overview Walk

I arrived in Izmir on my way to ancient Ephesus. In just one day in the city, I managed to see only a few interesting monuments, and I'll share their history with you
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Izmir: City Overview Walk

During my trip to the ancient Ephesus, my route passed through the city of Izmir, located in the western part of Turkey. I stayed here overnight, allowing me some…
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Agora of Smyrna

During my journey to the ruins of ancient Ephesus, I spent a night in the Turkish city of Izmir. While perusing the list of local museums to decide where to visit…
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Historical Elevator (Asansör) in Izmir

I've seen various landmarks during my travels to different cities and countries. Today's article can be considered unusual as it is dedicated to such an…
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Izmir Archaeological Museum

During my stroll in Izmir, I had some time to explore several landmarks of the city, including the Archaeological Museum. Today, I'll show you what I saw in its…

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