Nature of Uzbekistan

Not all travelers are aware that within a one and a half-hour drive from Tashkent, one can find a vast number of majestic mountain ranges, waterfalls, and bodies of water. City dwellers come here to escape the hustle and bustle of the metropolis and enjoy the beautiful pristine views. On this page, you will find several stories about the natural attractions of Uzbekistan
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The Kyzyl-Su Waterfall in Uzbekistan

During the warm season, many residents of Tashkent set off on a trip to the Charvak Reservoir. Here, you can not only escape the exhausting city heat but also…
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Tavaksay Canyon and Waterfall Valley

After my first trip to the mountains of Uzbekistan, I was so inspired by the resulting photos that the next week I set out on another journey towards Khodzhikent.…
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Charvak Reservoir Mountains: Kungurbuka Ridge

Hi! Today we will take a break from exploring architectural and historical monuments and head to the mountains. The goal of my recent trip across Uzbekistan was to…
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Recreational Area Near the Burdjar Hydroelectric Power Station

While reading about the sights of Tashkent, I stumbled upon a very interesting and atmospheric place - a recreational area near the Burdjar Hydroelectric Power…

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